State Question 788 is

Poorly written

  • 788 would require the already troubled Oklahoma State Department of Health to administer marijuana programs within only 30 days.
  • Lawyers say 788 would allow an 18-year old college student to start a grow room in a dormitory.
  • Smoking of marijuana would be allowed in the BOK Center, Chesapeake arena and other city owned facilities like our parks and youth sports venues.
  • The tax collected by 788 would not be enough to cover the administration and additional substance abuse services it will require.

Who We Are

What unites us: We are opposed to SQ 788 because it is bad public policy.

We are concerned employers, law enforcement, medical / public health professionals and more.

As a coalition, we are free to have differing views on how to proceed in the future on medical marijuana legislation. In fact, some of our members would favor a more limited medical marijuana law that better protected employers, did not hamstring law enforcement, and potentially had a positive medical benefit, while others in the coalition would not support any use of smoke-able marijuana. We are united in that SQ 788 is bad public policy and should be defeated.

Remember, Oklahoma is not voting on medical marijuana. We're voting on SQ 788.

See a current list of coalition members.

Oklahoma's SQ788 is NOT about medical marijuana.